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When the power comes back on remember to reset the timer on your alarm system.FIL on your thermostat means you need to replace the filter If you have an intermittent beep coming from your speakers, check to see that you don't have a phone off the hook. Don't forget to replace your vaccuum bag. Check it periodically.If you need to access your home automation system from a remote location follow these steps

  • Call the house phone number that the home automation system is connected to and let the phone ring twice.
  • Hang up and call back.
  • You will hear a beep.
  • Press # and your code and a voice will prompt you through the HAI system.
To reset your lighting control you will need to determine the circuit breaker that powers the system and turn it off for one minute. When you turn the breaker on the lighting controls willbe reset.To reset your computer network turn everything off for ten minutes. Make sure you power your routers, hubs and the internet provider's modem as well as your computers. Turn the modem back on first, then the routers and hubs and then your computers. After a smoke alarm, you MAY need to power down the security system, including removing the battery lead, for ten seconds. Put the battery lead back in place and power the security system back up and your system is reset. You will only need to do this when the reset does not shut off the smoke detectors. To reset your pool alarm - go to any security keypad, press 3 then #. Your alarm is now reset.






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