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  • Put your favorite movie on “pause” in the family room, retire to your bedroom and resume watching that same movie by just turning on your bedroom television and pressing play.
  • Buy one satellite receiver and watch programs all through the house.
  • Have dedicated voicemail boxes for everyone in the home, without having to buy special telephones.
  • Know who is at the front door by just picking up the telephone and talking to your visitor at the door.
  • Let the security system save you money by controlling lights and air conditioning. As you leave the house, the temperature will automatically rise and turn off the lights you left on.
  • Use your whole house music system with your telephone system for paging, instead of using the jungle paging system which screams your announcement
  • Select that favorite song from your stereo from any room of the house.
  • Engrave light switches, making it easy to know what switch controls which light.
  • Have one switch to turn off all the lights after that last guest has left
  • Integrate your video games as well as your cable television into your home theater system.
  • Allow everyone in the house to surf the net at the same time.
  • Reduce airborn dust and allergens by exhausting the dust to a vacuum canister that is located in a safe area outside your living space.
  • Watch your favorite television show undisturbed, at the same time the central vacuum system is operating
  • Increase your safety by using any telephone as a security keypad to control your system


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